The Perfect Easter DessertThe Perfect Easter Dessert

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The Perfect Easter Dessert

Growing up, my grandmother baked a special cake for Easter every year. She always prepared a coconut cake. She would dye a small portion of the coconut on top of the cake green. The dyed coconut resembled grass. In the middle of this coconut grass, she would place a small chocolate bunny. If you’re searching for something fun to do with your kids this Easter, consider baking and decorating a coconut cake with them. You will make special memories for a lifetime completing this fun activity with your children. On this blog, you will discover the reasons why a coconut cake is the perfect Easter dessert.

Tips For Hosting A Seafood Buffet Luncheon

When it comes to hosting a large event, a buffet is always a good idea. If you're hosting a luncheon and want to wow your guests, few things are more impressive than a beautiful seafood buffet lunch. However, a great seafood buffet lunch requires planning and preparation if you want it to be a success that will leave all of your guests satisfied. When you want to host a seafood lunch buffet, there are a lot of details to attend to, but spending the time to get everything right is well worth it. Use the following tips to host a wonderful seafood lunch buffet.

Have Your Event Catered by a Reputable Seafood Restaurant

While a seafood lunch buffet is very impressive, properly preparing seafood and serving it buffet style can be time consuming and difficult for the average at-home cook. Instead of trying to slave away in your kitchen without any guarantee of a good outcome, you are much better off outsourcing the catering to a reputable seafood restaurant in your area. Most seafood restaurants offer catering, and you can expect their chefs to prepare delicious food whether you want salmon, shrimp, crab legs, or lobster. You will have the opportunity to work with the restaurant to create a catering menu that you want to serve to your guests.

Ensure That You Have Ample Serving Ware and Cutlery

When you're hosting a seafood buffet luncheon, it is very important to have enough serving ware and cutlery for all of your guests. Take stock of your own serving ware and cutlery and consider buying extra pieces, if needed. If you do not have enough serving ware and cutlery to serve a large crowd, you may want to consider contacting an event rental company that rents out serving ware and cutlery for bigger events.

Carefully Consider Your Buffet Setup

In order for a seafood buffet lunch to be successful, your guests will need to easily be able to navigate the buffet area and easily get back to their seats. One thing that can help is making sure that the drink station is as far away from the buffet area as possible. This will help make sure that there is not a traffic jam as your guests are serving themselves. It is also a good idea to leave ample room between the buffet area and the seating area so that your guests have a clear path back to their table.