The Perfect Easter DessertThe Perfect Easter Dessert

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The Perfect Easter Dessert

Growing up, my grandmother baked a special cake for Easter every year. She always prepared a coconut cake. She would dye a small portion of the coconut on top of the cake green. The dyed coconut resembled grass. In the middle of this coconut grass, she would place a small chocolate bunny. If you’re searching for something fun to do with your kids this Easter, consider baking and decorating a coconut cake with them. You will make special memories for a lifetime completing this fun activity with your children. On this blog, you will discover the reasons why a coconut cake is the perfect Easter dessert.

Looking To Save Money On Reception Hall Decoration? Consider Christmas Lights!

Paying for a reception can be expensive especially when decorating the reception hall. However, it is possible to save a lot of money by investing in gorgeous Christmas lights and using them when decorating the reception hall. Christmas Lights Are Inexpensive People who are on a budget when decorating their reception hall should consider high-quality Christmas lights. These average about $200 or so when decorating a home and can cost as little as $100. Read More 

2 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Country Club’s Food and Beverage Services

If you own or manage a country club, then you know that keeping your members happy while keeping your club's bottom line in mind is important. If you are thinking of revamping your food and beverage offerings or adding additional food and beverage options to help provide your club members additional dining and catering options, then you likely know that you have a huge task on your hands. However, you can simplify that task by outsourcing your food and beverage service to a food service management service. Read More